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Trending reviews

Bridgerton (2020)

S03 E02 · How Bright the Moon
Season 1: fake dating. Season 2: enemies to lovers. Season 3: friends to lovers and I'm so here for it!

explicit anti-ai and anti-capitalism message, the doctor showing off and making little speeches, and the power of love. we are so fucking BACK.

“you know a lot about kristen stewart” “im gay” lmao real i would be in the group watching wakanda forever

i haven't felt confusion like this since i watched the girl who waited, that's how you know the real doctor who is so back

jims hate for dwight can’t be tolerated and his speech was so perfect he really acted like a world leader

i feel many many things for ruby sunday right now . i want to kiss her forehead and tuck her into bed and rock her in my arms love u girl

we just reached unprecedented levels of “we are so back” never before seen on network television… I owe Quinta Brunson my life, my first child, the deed to my house

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022)

S02 E04 · Chapter Fourteen: When a Stranger Calls Back
This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

no chemistry allegations left and right, “too slow” of a slowburn, the masses were saying they might be better off as friends, quinta’s pen was being questioned…janine and gregory had one chance to make history and they took it. i smiled from ear to ear

Was going to drop this after the first episode and wait till I finished sons to start this but I had the urge to watch another episode. Dad wasn’t a big fan and while this wasn’t nearly as good as the pilot I can still appreciate it for what it is… kind of… Still have no honest to god clue what on earth is going on and while it’s intriguing it’s way too much to be giving the viewer all at once and tbh I had no clue who half of these people were. Jonas wasn’t really in this episode too much and after the pilot it’s a weird shift but the stuff with ovendorf kept the episode interesting enough. I obviously knew time travel was involved and I really hope they show more of it bc it’s on of the most interesting concepts that can be portrayed in fiction and seeing that scraggly dude in the hotel has me thinking some things but I’m probably wrong so I’ll just wait to see. I don’t wanna forget literally everything again cos the pilot left my brain the day after I watched it so will probably watch one or half an episode more then not another for a while. It’s good tv but I just need to finish sons otherwise I’d be watching too much at once and tbh I already am. The themes explored in this episode are really interesting and it was especially heartbreaking watching mikkels father struggle so much with his disappearance and the reveal/weird shit that happened just before it cut to mikkel has me most interested for his plot line. I hope it ties back into whatever is happening with Erik because out of all the seemingly random stuff happening in this show the small scenes of my guy being tortured in a child’s room don’t really make sense to me but getting a glimpse of the man involved was very intriguing. It’s either future Jonas or the old scraggly hotel fellow which could also be and probably is a character that has come from the future. I’m aware there is some organisation involved but I don’t think that’ll be too involved just yet. I keep seeing a clip on TikTok whenever the show is discussed of who I assume to be Jonas wearing that outfit and I hope that is expanded on ij the next episode, but I still hope that Jonas is more involved cos establishing him as the main focus and just having him tweak for a couple scenes here is a jarring change. 8.1/10

"I can't be woke, I'm exhausted!" 3rd Emmy 🔒; an Emmy for Best Comedy Series to a show about comedians? Yes, chef!

This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

- petition to send eddie to therapy omg - they need to leave my henren family ALONE wtf - terrified for bobby. STAY WITH ME BOBBY

I remember waiting literal years for this to finally come out 😭 it’s a lot shorter than S1 & it was definitely very good, but it did feel just a tiny bit underwhelming at certain points due to how big the difference in episodes it has compared to the first season. It doesn’t waste any time though & it certainly develops a lot of the characters + plotlines that needed to be expanded upon. There’s a lot more mystery involved now which is really intriguing because I also remember some of the confirmed history of the titans. There’s so much detail & thought that was put into the story, but in general, this show is just so much fun to watch. Everything is mixed together so well and there’s a perfect blend of what I was looking for in AOT. I’ve heard such amazing things about S3 so I hope it’s as good as the reviews/discussions that surround it (: ————————— Favorite characters: 🥇Reiner 🥈Mikasa 🥉Erwin 🎖️Eren 🎖️Historia 🎖️Hannes

This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

haven’t even made it thru all of it yet but … “sorry spoilers!”… YOU DARE QUOTE RIVER SONG WITH SUCH EASE??? WITHOUT BREAKING DOWN?!!?!?? gonna kms

Born on the North Bank, king of the East Side 50 years strong, now he's rolling in a sick ride Handmade suits, raking in loot Five-star general, y'all best salute Yo, bitches be catty, but the King Kong daddy Rock all the haters while we go roll a fatty Squiggle on the decks, Kenny on the rhymes And Logan big ballin' on Hampton's time L to the OG Dude be the OG A-N he playing Playing like a pro, see L to the OG Dude be the OG A-N he playing Playing like a pro *Make some noise* A-1 ratings, 80k wine Never gonna stop, baby, fuck father time Bro, don't get it twisted, I've been through hell But since I stan dad, I'm alive and well Shaper of views, creator of news Father of many, paid all his dues So don't try to run your mouth at the king Just pucker up, bitch, and go kiss the ring L to the OG Dude be the OG A-N he playing *Make some noiiiiiiiiise* When I say L, you say OG L to the L to the *OG* L to the *OG* L to the *OG* L to the L to the motherfuckin' OG Dundee in the motherfuckin' house 🎤

This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

Now this was actually good and adds some more layers to Star Wars as a whole by them showing how someone becomes an inquisitor. Also it takes place during Order 66 which is always heat

Eddie Diaz you are so messy like your wife’s doppelgänger who you are cheating on your girlfriend with just met your 6 year situationship and your son just walked in on you with said doppelgänger.

Steins;Gate (2011)

S01 E04 · Interpreter Rendezvous
"Theories are nothing more than lexical entertainment" ----------------- Mayuri is great! I find myself enjoying every character in this. They're so unique and hilarious. The banter is something else too. I don't even remember if I ever laughed this much when watching any other anime. "Daru is just like the universe--continually expanding" 😆 They found IBN!

i didn’t know i needed to see them at a college frat party but i did and i don’t want to go back when i hadn’t. that final scene almost made me cry, how is the season almost done.

This is getting better and better, holy, I might really love this show. Another episode that made me a bit emotional. It bothers me what Connell does, but I'd be lying if I said I don't feel bad for him. It really sucks to have those kinds of friends and just not be able to get rid of them. Connell is insecure and scared; he has this whole popular kid thing in school and thinks that if they find out about him and Marianne, it's going to be a big problem, when it would probably just be some jokes here and there. And that last scene really hurt a bit. Paul is such a fucking good actor; I want to see him in more things. But yeah, even though I can understand why Connell acts that way, it still bothers the shit out of me 😭 He literally told Marianne that he wouldn't "hurt her" and then goes and does it in the same episode. At least Connell defended Marianne this episode, and by the way, that "fuck off" must be one of the most satisfying "fuck off" I've ever heard in my life. At least in this episode, he does something, but then he messes up again. But hey, he has his wonderful mom who was the voice of reason this episode

Is this the first time that they didn't play the title sequence? Kate Lethbridge-Stewart cameo! This episode written by Russell T Davies is interesting, really love the 1st half with Ruby being haunted by the old lady and everyone running away from her reminds of The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 'The Curse of Clyde Langer' The 2nd half with the Prime Minister stuff felt a bit rushed and out of place and I don't know what to think of the reveal and ending, felt like it was missing something If it had kept the horror aspects throughout the episode, it would've been a 9/10 or maybe a 10/10. It felt like RTD's 'Turn Left' but for some reason the ending and resolution left me having a mixed opinion about this but I do appreciate what it was trying to do and Millie Gibson was fantastic throughout it and really like that it was a Doctor-lite one