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This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

The Fernando scene will always be my favourite scene ever. Literal peak comedy as well as Dewey being my favourite 😭

Janine and Gregory. The slow burn continues. Spreading the word about AMC A-list is so Jacob. Loved Ava’s hiring process.

This Is Us (2016)
S03 E09 · The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

Wow— this was a incredible episode. Bojack and Diane FINALLY clashed, and damn that shit was sad. Bojack is really messed up, but he says he’s okay with it at this point, which obviously isn’t the case. Diane was being rough with him, but it’s because she cares so much for him, and she’s so angry because she hates the things he does, truly sad :( Side note— When they kept fake being nice to the people passing had me dying bro 😭😭 OMG?? IS MR PEANUTBUTTER GONNA CHEAT ON PICKLES WITH DIANE 😳😳 Absolutely horrible Todd side plot I mean fuck 💀 BoJack seems to be going off the deep end even more :/ 9.2/10

Just watched this masterpiece and idk what to say. This is something so special to me, especially because I had my own cameo. I can't properly put into words how this show has shaped my life, and I'll never see anything like it. The best plot oat, negs TP, and puts any other show to shame. BraedenLlama is definitely a top 2 character oat for me now, just below Taylorvillax. I cry every time i watch this purely because of how saddening it is. I can't wait for s2, but I'm slightly annoyed they switched writers. Hopefully it's of the same quality of this, because nothing even comes close. Overall 10/10 Top 1 show Top 2 character Top 1 Season Top 2 backstory Top 1 Plot Top 1 Side characters

4.7 I loved this pilot, all the characters plot lines were introduced so well I’m instantly invested in each one of them. Its easy to tell this is a big production not just by the costumes and sets but also the runtime, im glad they were able to make this episode long enough to properly introduce each character. I haven’t laughed at a single episode so much in a while, the humor is perfect for this type of show. I don’t much of anything about the games so this is gonna be a fresh experience for me. Ella Purnell is so fine My dumbass rated the season and not the episode

What kind of 14 year olds are this self-aware and eloquent?? Too much focus on love triangles, I'm just not interested in this, or maybe I'm too old for this. I wish they focused more on a friendship between Arima and Tsubaki. I felt seen when she became jealous, because now she's not the only one in Arima's life. I went through something similar a few times. Losing your best friend to someone else is so painful. I wonder if Kaori pushes Arima so much because she knows she doesn't have much time left? 🤔 Again, too much screaming, I despise that stuff in anime ugh

“I’m sorry I forgot the blankets” The rating for this episode should be so much higher. The scene with Hurley and Libby was so emotional. I feel so bad for Hurley😔

this autistic rep is making me scream and cry and sob “i love you but, the world can’t always play by your rules” “my rules? the world’s never played by my rules. i’ve spent my entire life playing by your rules” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The Americans (2013)
S06 E09 · Jennings, Elizabeth
This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

Attack on Titan (2013)
S04 E20 · Memories of the Future
10/10 amazingggg,broooo this was soo good,this was so damn emotional,and the plot twist is crazy,i gotta say tho,in my opinion the previous ep was better

Vikings (2013)
S01 E07 · A King's Ransom
Still a lot of weak and kinda corny points this episode especially but by far the most enjoyable and tense episode so far. I love Ragnar as Earl and he is easily the most compelling character. I’m hoping the Ragnar and King Aelle payoff will be worthwhile. I’m for the first time actually excited to continue but nothing incredible yet. I’ve got two very low rated episodes next, more importantly I just want to get to s2. Just 3.5 by a hair (I’m feeling generous)

realizing that the situationship between sloan and lexie after they broke up was insane THAT MAN WAS CLEARLY NOT OVER HER OMG 😭😭😭 meredith insulting derek's party lol another episode that proved owen's a walking redflag also the two old people who had a history before reminds me of the folklore love triangle, yk... cause her name is betty 😃

Attack on Titan (2013)
S01 E01 · To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina (1)
As someone who has never seen or liked anime i had no idea what to expect and it absolutely blew me away such a good episode i did not expect it at all

So fucking peak man omg. Zuko and aang’s dynamic gets better and better. The cinematography was stunning. Zuko ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥. Best ep so far, I can’t decide if it’s better than the crossroads of destiny, both are so peak.

When I finished this, I had to take a step back from everything I was doing to process what I had just witnessed. Wow.. I mean, wow! This piece of fiction.. no, ART is the greatest thing I've ever had the privilege to lay my eyes upon. From the first time my eyes were laid upon my screen, I was completely captivated by how accurate this was. I feel like I really connected with BraedenLlama for whatever reason. The cameos were incredible, too. Jmagills redemption arc was something I thought I'd never see in a gazillion years, @Azarli and @Punkz beef is absolutely masterclass. Oh, and that fight scene with @MistahGabagool and @Jmagill, don't even get me started. Such a gripping tale. @cmarino23 helped direct this masterpiece and was actually a mercenary from 1x6 onward. To even attempt to put it into words is just an impossible task. Perhaps the most touching scene was either @Tdonn and @Isabela6192 wedding (I cried the whole episode) or the @Shumpulp hug (I cried for weeks). These peaks neg everything else I've ever seen in my entire life. The complexity of the character was just unmatched. The transformation from llama to RAMBUNCTIOUS LLAMA is just insane development no one could've seen coming. One of the moments which really shaped BraedenLlama was when @LilSyrup left Yapville. He hoped that he'd return, but alas, never did. The emotional dread you are faced with while watching this masterpiece is unlike anything I've ever seen in my entire existence. This show has single handedly changed the trajectory of life for the better. If I could go back and watch this for the first time again, I would an infinite number of times. So so so so amazing, and the accuracy is just insane! I couldn't believe how accurate it is. Top 12 characters (IMPOSSIBLE TASK ALL INTERCHANGEABLE) 🥇 BraedenLlama 🥈 Azarli 🥉 Coak (@Callumoak28) 4. Tdonn 5. Buddy 6. LilSyrup 7. MistahGabagool 8. Jmagill 9. Dobe 10. Isabela 11. Shum 12. Harry Top 10 peaks: 🥇 BraedenLlama monologue 🥈 Where my hug at 🥉 MistahGabagool VS. Jmagill 4. Orange monkey (🍊🦧) 5. Tdonn wedding 6. Rambunctious llama 7. Yapville 8. Cock28 9. Azarli not using spoiler tags 10. Buddy remembering how to spell 🦙

Amazing start!!! ☢️ I’m not gonna lie I’ve never really played the Fallout games before but I know of it and the premise, so it’s not my right to critique anything like I’m a big fan. But I will say from the set design to the soundtrack this does scream Fallout from a casual. I’m already hooked and can’t wait to see the rest, hopefully this show gives me some motivation to play the games…

BoJack Horseman (2014)
S06 E15 · The View from Halfway Down
Aright yeah, this amazing and even better than I remember it being, I just so wish that It was even longer than it is but what can you do. I wholeheartedly believe that if this episode had been five minutes longer and the last episode of the show, that it might be my favorite episode of all time but the punch that this episode has is slightly changed by the context and makes it's placement feel a little weird to me. The first time I saw this episode I didn't connect with it nearly as much as I thought I would and was at a very different place in my life. Upon rewatch however this is something much different and I my opinion on this episode changes constantly with how personal and open it feels. How much you enjoy the episode really depends on how you feel at the time of watching it and I can understand some people not liking or appreciating the episode as much as others might because of the shows style and tone. To say that this episode is bad or overrated is entirely wrong though and I feel that this is nearly a perfect 30 minutes of tv. The entire show comes to a head with this episode and shows BoJack at his absolute lowest point but still filled with regret, the small talk he has herb is just as dreadful as it is beautiful and the final talk on the phone is one of my favorite conversations in tv, despite how it only goes for one minute but is really made into something special because of the context around it. Every word spoken in this episode is so carefully chosen and makes the episode feel like it goes by too fast but like they fit 50 minutes into 25. Secretariat's monologue is amazing and is the highlight of the episode for me, for a person that comes off as so uncaring and apathetic it cuts deep to see him share a moment with BoJack and then beg for his life and is almost a distorted image of BoJack. I don't really know how to put into words what a masterpiece of an episode this is without talking about every pixel on screen so I won't even try to go in depth about the background aspects of this episode, music, cinematography, structuring, or acting, because you already know how good this episode is and you already know what I would say. At minimum, this is a top ten episode and for me currently is top 7-8. While the entire show isn't the best show of all time this episode and season 4-6 make it something so special and so original that it has to be experienced on it's own. 9.9/10

This review contains spoilers. Click here to see it anyway.

It was a good episode, I am very happy to watch such a series, it was very special for me, it may not have a perfect writing, but it is a tremendously entertaining show. It makes me feel that old summer atmosphere very well. Now there is 1 episode left until I finish this show for the 3rd time OVERALL: 9,1/10

Another very enjoyable episode. Honestly nothing absolutely major happened yet it was still great as it expanded further on the corruption of the fire nation. They only do things for their benefit and don’t care about their people. It was sad to see what the fire nation is doing to their people and problems they’re causing but of course, aang and katara saved the day. It further expanded on kataras kindness and how thoughtful she actually is. It’s always nice to see the impoverished be saved and helped by aang and katara so I obviously loved this episode. Nothing of Zuko though and no major plot advancements but it’s fine. One thing that is stupid is how the real painted lady appeared at the end. Are you trying to tell me that she was there the whole time and did nothing? Fuck her. Anyway good ep 7.7/10

Arcane (2021)
S01 E03 · The Base Violence Necessary for Change
Emotional rollercoaster man I cried, was angry and was happy. Holy what an episode, 3 episodes in and we get an ep like this ? Peak. Everything was near perfect, the cinematography, acting, soundtrack, I could name more than that as well, just a flawless episode. I won’t yap too much but this met my expectations and exceeded them, this season just flipped, I thought I might not enjoy it and then that just completely changed my expectations for this show. This seasons gonna be amazing I can tell. 5 stars / 9.8/10 I can’t think of a flaw abt this episode tbh, perfect. Top 30 oat.

high 3.5 star a very long yap session but here are my thoughts in short. If you already watched the movie or read the book and you liked the story, you should 100% watch this. But if you don’t then this is not for you. Good mini series Top 3 charcters: 1. Ripley 2. Ravini (great character) 3. Marge (i guess) Andrew Scott just became one of my favorite actors. His acting was unimaginable. It gave so much depth to the character, weird take but this version of Tom Ripley felt like Joe Goldberg. Also this new take of the story it is more artisic (the black and white cinematography, the angelic cinematography, symbolism trough the paintings). What i hate about this version are the side characters. In the 1999 movie, every single character changed the course of the story. In this version they are all dull and insignificant. Especially dickie and freddie. I really hate how dirty they did them. Dickie in the movie is unironically well written and his dynamic with Tom was just magical (you can really feel the tension between them). That’s why in the movie, the boat scene felt more emotionally and impacted me more because we went trough many moments with them. In the series, they are so weird and awkard (maybe it was intentional but i didn’t like). Without the movie context i wouldn’t say that Tom was in love with Dickie. Also Freddie in this one is just bad. Hoffman’s Freddie (my favorite actor oat btw) was way more interesting even tho i hate his guts.